You know how good last summer was! Imagine doing that all over again while knowing what to expect, enjoy new activities, have fun with staff and students you already know and make new friends while getting even more out of your summer! If you are a returning student you will enjoy;

  • New and exciting activities on top of the existing programme,

  • In depth learning about a topic of choice together with one of our specialist staff,

  • Enjoy summer with friends from last summer and meet new friends from all over the world!

What new things are happening at Champittet Summer Leadership Camp in 2019?

Returning to camp puts you in a unique position and it is always fantastic to see familiar faces on the first day of camp! We know that many of you look forward to do your much loved camp activities and to see your friends again. To get you even more excited, we are pleased to inform you below about some new activities and opportunities as well as the most exciting activities from last summer.

Additional activities summer 2019 for returning students

Some new activities that you may choose from on top of the great programme from last year;

  • New activities during the glacier expedition

  • Skydiving in a wind tunnel: learn to skydive and fly in a safe setting

  • Filmmaking

  • Paragliding

  • Caving / Speleology

  • Sailing

  • Chocolate workshop: make your own chocolate

  • Golf

  • Archery

  • If you want: in depth leadership skills and personal development

Students who want to develop a specific area of leadership skills besides the regular workshops may choose to get personal training from one of our specialist staff on some of the skills below in a practical and hands-on manner. So students learn by doing!

  • Filmmaking and storytelling: together with our producer and camera operator who works with brands like Red Bull and the Freeride World Tour you learn how to make the best video’s ever and will help to make the camp video with our team of experts.

  • Photography: learn from our photographer how to make stunning pictures and make beautiful photo series that we publish on our blog; if you want.

  • Performing arts and presentation skills: Work together with our actress and media trainer to boost your acting skills and presentation techniques.

  • Yoga: Learn everything about Yoga!

  • Career guidance and interviewing skills: We help you to highlight some of your talents and competences, match these with possible career options and practice how to amaze recruiters with a great cover letter, CV and interview.

  • French conversational classes: improve your French language skills with our French teacher in 15 hours of conversational classes.

Most importantly, get ready for another fantastic summer at Champittet Summer Leadership Camp. We can't wait to see you this summer!